Prof. Steve Jackson

SPJ. Photo copy

Steve Jackson is Head of Cancer Research UK Laboratories at the Wellcome Trust/Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute. He is a University of Cambridge Frederick James Quick Professor of Biology.

Steve obtained a BSc degree in Biochemistry from Leeds University. He carried out his PhD research working with Jean Beggs, between the Imperial College of Science and Technology and Department of Molecular Biology at Edinburgh University, focusing on yeast mRNA splicing. After completing a post-doc at the University of California, Berkeley, Steve returned to the UK in 1991 and took up a Junior Group Leader position at the then-Wellcome-CRC Institute, now named the Gurdon Institute.

Steve’s research resulted in breakthrough findings on DNA damage repair mechanisms and responses, mechanisms of genomic DNA instability and its relationship to cancer. Steve’s work led to the identification of components of DNA repair pathways.

Steve founded KuDOS Pharmaceuticals in 1997 (acquired by AstraZeneca in 2006) and MISSION Therapeutics in 2011, with the aim of translating the knowledge of DNA damage responses, protein ubiquitylation and deubiquitylation into new treatments for cancer and other diseases.

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