Registration is now closed.

Before registering for the conference, please read the information regarding the registration process below:


  • Who can participate in the conference?

In order to attend the IPSCC, you have to be a PhD student from one of the participating institutes. Please refer to our Home page to find out more.

  • What do I need to know prior to registration?

Before registering on Eventbrite, you need to have your abstract (max. 250 words) ready to be submitted and you will need to know whether you require accommodation during the conference. If you do require accommodation you will have the option of providing the name of another conference attendee who you will share a twin room with. If you are selected to attend the conference, you will be expected to present a research poster during one of the poster sessions, or to give a research presentation during one of the oral sessions.

  • What are the selection criteria?

The conference organising committee will review abstracts submitted by PhD students who apply to give a research presentation. Final selection of student speakers will be based on scientific excellence, and will aim to achieve a fair distribution of speakers from the participating institutes and in different research areas. Attention will also be paid to the nationality and gender distribution of the attendees and speakers. Decisions on speaker selection will be overseen by the Director of Academic Programmes and the Associate Research Director for Junior Researchers.

  • The online Registration form is not working, what can I do?

Please email the organising committee at or use the Contact Us Form.

  • When is the registration deadline?

The deadline is on 3rd April 2018.

Abstracts, Posters and talks

  • How should I prepare my abstract?

Please use full text in both the abstract text and title fields, rather than non-standard characters (eg alpha rather than α). The following fields need to be completed:
– Abstract title in the separate text box
– Abstract should not be longer than 250 words and should not include references. A separate box is provided for references
– In the “Authors” box, please list all the authors contributing to the work, in order, capitalising your own name.
– You can list up to 2 references in the separate text box titled “references”. Use the Cell format of referencing, eg. Author (Year). Title. Journal Volume, Pages
– If there are any papers resulting from your work (submitted or published) or if your lab’s publication is directly related to the content of your abstract, please list them in the relevant box
– In the “keywords” section, please provide a list of 3-5 keywords that best summarise your work
– Choose whether you would like to be selected to give a talk

  • Can I submit an abstract after the registration deadline?

It is not possible to submit an abstract after the registration deadline has passed.

  • Will I be able to give a talk rather than presenting a poster?

You can state a preference for giving a talk or presenting a poster during the application process. However, only outstanding abstracts will be selected for talks.

  • How long is a short talk?

Talks will be 15 minutes, with 5 minutes discussion time.

  • Will I need to provide my own laptop to present a talk?

The Francis Crick institute will provide a Macbook, which you can transfer your presentation file onto (Powerpoint or PDF files) and use for your talk.

  • Will the laptop have Keynote, as well as Powerpoint available for presenters?


Venue and Accommodation

  • Will it be possible to book additional nights in the hotel?

For additional nights, you will have to contact the hotel directly about availability and prices.

If you have any further question, please email us at or use our Contact Us form.

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